Airport is closed

First established in January 2005 as a provider of short to long-term parking services at twenty of the United Kingdom's major airports, Airport recently closed its online doors for the last time.

On behalf of Airport we would like to thank all its customers and clients who used the service to find cheap parking spaces over the years. We hope that the site was able to help you save money and simplify your travel arrangements.

The last few years have been difficult ones for the travel industry, and the pressure of competition contributed to the decline of the site as an independent provider of booking services and parking information. Airport will now be incorporated into the eGo Travel website and our visitors are now invited to go through to that site for a range of services including airport parking.

We are sure you will find the same level of customer service you came to expect on and again we thank you for your visits and trusting us to help with your travel requirements over the years.

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